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First Cadbury's gets bought out by Kraft Foods and now there is talk - TALK! - of US versions of Doctor Who and Torchwood! IS NOTHING SACRED? D:

I could sort of get behind a Torchwood remake if they did it as more of a spin-off and set it at Torchwood Four or something, the base that went missing, but Doctor Who? That just seems DEEPLY WRONG. I dunno. I suppose because, more than being just a telly program, DW is a bit of British cultural history. Like, I remember after school one day my sister telling me that during English the heater had made a weird sort of pulsing groaning noise, and her teacher had said something about thinking the TARDIS was about to appear. And this was remarkable only because it had made everyone laugh, not because the teacher had referenced a sci-fi show (and one which had been off the air for some years by this point), because everyone knows Doctor Who.

Similarly, the Daleks turned up in this KitKat advert over a decade after they'd last been seen in old school Who and four years before they'd be seen again in the reboot, and in such a way that you HAD to already understand what they were otherwise you wouldn't get the joke:


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I bought some Cadburys today - Caramel Bunnies to be precise. I was looking at the Mini Eggs but I decided against them. Have I just given £1.20 to Kraft? THIS FEELS SOMEHOW WRONG.

Also - MASSIVE DO NOT BLOODY WANT ON US DOCTOR WHO. Apart from the fact that it is, as you say, an integral part of British culture IT WOULD BE FUCKING BOBBINS I BET.

I should make a fandom secret saying that. Or maybe just an icon.
Make an icon! There's no need for it to be a secret - THERE IS NO SHAME OR EMBARRASSMENT IN BETTING IT WOULD BE BOBBINS!
Hmm, that does seem crazy! I mean, I've only seen the recent Who series--as a kid I'd vaguely heard of it but wouldn't have known any references from it--but it does seem inextricably English. A Torchwood spin-off could possibly work, though I doubt it would be nearly as much fun.
The part of me that enjoys AUs is sort of morbidly curious about how they might develop Torchwood if Fox (yeah, so that bodes well) ends up ordering a pilot. I wonder if they'd model it after series 1 and 2, or after "Children of Earth", which was quite a different beast in many ways.
It's damn ridiculous... Why can't they just let British things stay British? I'm not a fan of Doctor Who, but I've known what it was since I was only young - I remember watching the old Dr Who movies on late night TV when I was about seven.

And anyway, Americans don't really get our sense of humour so won't it all be lost?

Gutted about Cadbury's... But I don't think anything will change with the chocolate. Bit of a kick in the teeth though, isn't it?
Well, the US version of The Office is in its 6th season now, and is IMHO a very good show (and I say that as a fan of the original) - so it can be done. But it's not the elements it takes from the original that make it good.

Kraft would be FOOLS to change the chocolate! D:
Cadbury's abused British patriotism to justify adulturating their chocolate in a way that every civilised country banned ages ago (the real truth behind the "vegelate" row). I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.