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I posted*!

There's a meme to come at some point (aren't you just quivering with anticipation) but first have a Supernatural fic rec:

Comes to Dust (Sam/Dean [mostly only implied]; Adult; 22,025 words) by tabaqui
The Devil was defeated, but it changed the world - and the Winchester brothers - forever. Now, after a time of relative peace, a new enemy is creating havoc, and Sam and Dean have to figure out how to save the world all over again.

A hugely enjoyable post-apocalyptic futurefic with a Wild-West feel. tabaqui writes so beautifully, and as with her earlier Song of the Treadmill (also highly recommended), what really stood out to me was the depth and complexity of the world she's created here, and the way she brings it and her OCs to life so vividly. I loved her Sam and Dean, and the story cracks along with action and chills and some good twists.

Also, it's billed as Sam/Dean but there's no sexual content, and apart from some bed-sharing there's really nothing you wouldn't get on the show, so if wincest is not your cup of tea don't let that put you off.

* Apparently the closest I get to practical jokery.

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