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a sense of the mechanical encrusted on the living

Consumer of wonderful lies
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Born in Swindon, Wiltshire; now resides in North London. Chronic procrastinator. Can lick her own nose, but will only do so for shock and awe purposes. Used to laugh at people who could remember the tiniest plot details from the past six years of their favourite show, but has now become one. Loves to escape into a good book and has always rather admired Roald Dahl's Matilda. Has come to the conclusion that she will never be a writer but continues to damn well have a go anyway. Too fat for Topshop (between giving up red meat and developing hyperthyroidism, this is no longer true), too tall for Marks & Spencer - mainstream culture seemingly cannot contain her. Gets infuriated by gendered double standards and the "Oh, my ankle!" school of female character in action films. Has a weakness for comedy geeks. Hates writing autobiographies.

Haiku2 for mythtaken
collapsing in on
itself like a 1930s gypsy
child out blackberrying
Created by Grahame

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